Collection2 , From Korea with Love - A 360 video directed by Emma Hamilton

CONGREGATIONdesign is an anonymous collective which gather designer, artist and artisan around one body of research. From the given visuals the design process is free and independent, there is no creative direction.

Composed of Fashion industry Insiders, the designers' team changes from one project to another to keep the project fluid and adaptable with individual agenda and urge of making.

Not seasonal, CONGREGATIONdesign releases one Menswear major project a year, giving time to experiment and develop extra multidisciplinary projects and collaborations such as videos, performances, talks and workshops in collaboration with Fashion Revolution, RCA Innovation or the British Council to name a few.

CONGREGATIONdesign aims to question and disrupt the current production and wholesale system. Offering simultaneously a very limited run of selected pieces from shops, and designs from past and present collections on our e-shop through a "made-to-order" process.

CONGREGATIONdesign refuses compromise on quality and use, re-use or up-cycle carefully selected material. Also, because the collective is environmentally and socially conscious all the production is made in London at fair wage.

Therefore, to keep its designs accessible, CONGREGATIONdesign works on tight commission. This only being possible thanks to a close relationship with independent and visionary stockists in London and Paris.


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