CONGREGATION Presentation1, photo

CONGREGATION Presentation1, photo

H I G H E R   S T U D I O are a progressive, sustainable fashion concept based in East London. Offering a curated library of new and archive stock, we provide a rotating wardrobe free from a consumer hangover.

They believe that needing to buy in order to wear, forces consumers as well as creatives to compromise experimentation and quality for commerce. When free from the commitment, burden and cost of ownership, people can wear and be what they want.’s mission is to offer uncompromising innovative design and to allow creators to profit from greater emotional and physical durability.

Crucially, believe in a new system driven by the longevity of resources rather than quantity sold. We work with brands and partners to implement this change.

"Congregation are a collective of artists and designers approaching fashion as an extracurricular activity, but this doesn’t mean it’s an after-thought to their bread and butter. In reaction to their day jobs in the industry, design is approached with creativity, experimentation and enjoyment taking priority over commercial interests. Seemingly there's a nostalgia for students days where questioning the status quo is paramount."

Sara Arnold, founder
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RENT FOR £60/WEEK OR SUBSCRIBE | Congregation Chap Trousers

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RENT FOR £30/WEEK OR SUBSCRIBE | Congregation Rubber Insert Top