<Congregation is experimental thinking>

This season 22 designers, artists, makers worked independently from the same body of research to delivered a unique and personal translation of the theme, compiled in an un-curated collection.
Congregation is excited to present its second collection from Korea with Love on Saturday the 8th of December, 2pm-6pm. The presentation will take various shapes - from photography, through 360 video, abstract installation, photo booth to food and drinks.

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/prɛz(ə)nˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ Noun 2. a speech or talk in which a new product, idea, or piece of work is shown and explained to an audience.

Since the launch of the second garment collection in September, Congregation has been collaborating proactively with artists, makers and designers to deliver a multi experience presentation - as a way to celebrate skills and independant creativity.

Starting from the same book of research - retracing an immersive trip in a traditional fashion factory district of Seoul - 15 fashion designers created a collection of 37 items. Elaborate individually, pieces have merged into a whole since styled, photographed and filmed - this through the eyes and the spontaneity of 1 filmmaker, 2 photographers, 4 models, 2 dancers, 1 performer, 1 student, 2 teachers, 1 air steward.

Through this event Congregation would like to bring these pieces of work to life altogether and share them to its audience, friends, friends of friends and passer-by.

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Date & Time

Saturday 8th of December 2-6PM



Unit 14-15 Eccleston yards,
SW1W 9AZ,  
London, United Kingdom